Feds need to Back Off!

I’ve been reading the last few days about  the marijuana initiatives that will be voted on come November. I cant help but think, if all the people that smoke weed and all the non smoking advocates come together there is no way we can get beat. I fear even legalization at the state level isn’t good enough. The Feds have a strong hold on the legalization. We must not forget that we are protected and funded state by state by that Federal Being. They call the shots. Now! If more and more states prove a true rebellion the Feds will be forced to reconcile the laws. If our local cities and counties would stop enforcing the current marijuana laws and tell “Big Brother,” “do it yourself” things would change. Look at Cali. They said to the Feds, ” we are done!” No more tying up money and resources over something people are gonna do anyway. I guess in closing all i really want to say is, “get off your ass and VOTE!” That’s the only way we will be heard and the only way to make a peaceful change. >BirdiesUp< Im on twitter @Dickhead0420