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Top 10 Pot Smokers Etiquette 101

Have you ever had  a friend or friends that do things while you are smoking together that just doesn’t make since? Me too! That’s why I’m writing this. I have this one friend that loves to put on chap-stick before hitting the bowl. I know that’s just dumb as hell. For you newbies just starting to smoke with your friends, or you old stoners with bad social smoking habits this top 10 list is for you.

10. Don’t be stingy. If you are, you suck!

9.  Get the crust off your lip before baking.

8.  I need a Bic Lighter. No cheap crack lighters.

7.  Never, ever, go piss while you are holding the blunt or bowl.

6.  Never tell, who has what. The shit is not yours.

5.  If you are coming in late on the bowl/blunt don’t complain that you was left out. Pack a bowl or roll one.

4.  If you are giving away a bowl, never give away an empty bowl. It is bad luck!

3.  It’s Puff – Puff – Pass NOT Puff – Puff – Puff – Puff – Puff……

2.  If you roll it, you light it.

1.  Smoke and then talk.

I do realize that there are a thousand more we could add to this list. If any comes to your mind right off, leave them in the comments. This should get you new “wanna be potheads” started off on a good note with all your stoner pals.  HAPPY SMOKING! All this writing about smoking makes me want to get lifted. It’s 420 somewhere! — RC

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